Hand me downs and photographs

spread across the floor

The Queen Of Wezbez
8 May 1983
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New Beginnings
Hand me downs and photographs
spread across the floor
a broken record spins in circles
she can't listen anymore
she's turned around a thousand times
she set that bridge a fire

but did you wanna listen
you took the world with you
so what is left
so what is left for me

Finch - New Beginnings
The girl dressed in hand me downs
Anna, 28, Female, Vodka drinking,
Facebook addict, Tequila loving, Fangirl,
Music lover, Pint ordering, Ginger Ninja,
F1 nut, Speed freak, Open minded,
Punk, Pierced 12 times, Porn Loving,
Fanfic fan, Sci-fi nerd, Comic book geek,
Football lover, Free thinking, All around fruit cake.

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